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Gather Feedback During the Semester

Mid-Course Evaluations and the SCOT Program are excellent sources of objective student feedback to improve a course while current students can still benefit from the changes.
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Use a mid-course evaluation and the SCOT program to gain valuable information about what is helping or hindering student learning. When you adjust your course mid-semester, you to demonstrate to your students that you are responsive to their concerns.

BYU Testing Center Available All Semester

The Testing Center is open and fully operational during the Winter 2021 semester all the way through finals. Enhanced health and safety precautions are in place during the pandemic. To schedule your exams online, or if you have questions, visit or contact 801-422-6147 and

What BYU Students Think about Online Learning

January 11, 2021 11:02 PM
Learn from a panel of students regarding how their professors best supported their online learning experiences. Time was also reserved for questions and answers.