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Recorded Lecture

Recorded Lecture

Click to watch a webinar on recording your presentations.

Media Studios

The following resources are available for video production equipment and/or assistance:

Continuing Education
Continuing Education is offering media rooms and support personnel for faculty that want to record and post lectures. Call 2-4605 for scheduling.

Harold B Lee Library
The HBLL is repurposing about 50 rooms for video instruction. The rooms include iMacs, or instructors can bring a laptop. Visit for more information, or contact Library Administration at 2-2905 or to schedule.

Office of Information Technology
Some rooms in the ITB (1388 N University Ave) have been repurposed for online content creation. Call 2-4000 to schedule.

Content Creation

Please contact your college's teaching and learning consultant for help in adjusting your courses or creating online content. A few basic ideas are listed below:

Record yourself presenting your lecture using Zoom, and post the video in one of the following ways:

Record short lecture “snippets” using Digital Dialog

  • Present and pose questions using Text, Video, or Audio
  • Create a discussion prompt once and share it with the class, with small groups, or with individuals for one-on-one discussions

Create PowerPoint Slides with narration and share them by:

View the CTL's Webinar on Recording Lectures (using Zoom and PowerPoint)

Be sure to refer to the Copyright FAQs for Online Courses for information on copyright implications of moving your course to remote instruction.

Recommendations and Suggestions

  • Asynchronous doesn’t have to mean “not interactive.” Consider ways to engage students using discussion boards, chat rooms, TA labs, homework groups, etc.
  • Asynchronous can take on a lot of different formats:
    • Lecture style videos
    • Screen captures
    • Interactive content & quizzes
    • Preparation ahead of time and then some interaction with the professor, TAs, or other students