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Online Course Regulations, Standards, & Checklists

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Use the following resources to help you when you are designing your online course, both to improve your materials and to ensure that what you share is legal and acceptable.

Online Course Regulations, Standards, & Checklists

The Department of Education has modified online course standards for the COVID-19 pandemic. The following document provides a summary of these modifications.

Copyright for Online or Remote Teaching

“Fair use” of copyrighted material for education has become more technical over the years. It’s not just what you use, but also how you use it. BYU’s Copyright Licensing Office has a variety of resources that will help you navigate copyright considerations for materials you would like to use and how you intend to use them.

Checklists for Course Review

To help you design your remote and blended courses to meet these standards, you can use the links below to review your materials, lessons, and courses: