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Blended classes will be a mixture of in-person and on-campus instruction with online components. Students should be available on the days and hours listed in the Class Schedule.
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To allow for social distancing, blended classrooms have some students attend class in-person while others participate remotely.


Usually, a blended class provides preparatory materials (lectures, readings, exercises, etc.) online to prepare for active learning opportunities in class. However, with COVID-19, it is likely—especially in larger classes—that all students may not be able to attend in person and adequately maintain social distancing and other safety measures. Therefore, groups of students will be assigned a specific day to attend class in person and then attend other sessions online: it is a blend of in-person and online attendance in live class sessions.

The university has installed hardware to accommodate a blended classroom. For more information including training and a list of classroom installations, go here:

If you record your class, you may need students to sign FERPA release forms. Learn more about FERPA and easy ways to collect these releases here.

The challenge of this modality is to effectively teach and attend to two audiences at the same time. The following information and training will help you prepare for this particular challenge: 

Special Considerations for Blended Teaching and COVID-19

Accommodating COVID-19 illness or quarantine. Due to the need to accommodate students’ possible inability to attend class due to COVID-19, it would be wise to consider ways to make in-person and live components available online. You would then be ready to respond to situations as they arise. You might anticipate the following accommodations (please click on the link for information and training on that topic):

  • Pre-recording lectures, demonstrations, etc.
  • Recording in-person classroom sessions
  • Granting extensions to due dates

Switching to online teaching after Thanksgiving break. All classes will be delivered fully online after the Thanksgiving break. The links below will help you decide which option to use and how to prepare to teach effectively in that modality.

Blended teaching can benefit equally from the CORE Principles of Effective (Online) Teaching:

For more information, click here.