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Teaching Two Audiences

Instructors in both Classroom and Blended modalities may need to teach in-person and remote students at the same time.
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Teaching in person while accommodating remote students brings a new set of challenges as well as unique opportunities

Teaching Two Audiences

If you are teaching in the Blended modality, you will likely have a group of students in class with a group of students watching remotely via Zoom. If you are teaching in the Classroom modality, accommodating students for health and safety reasons may require you to do the same.

Special Considerations for Teaching Two Audiences

If you record your class, you may need students to sign FERPA release forms. Learn more about FERPA and easy ways to collect these releases here.

  • Have a TA manage the technology. It is invaluable to have a TA (or someone) manage the room’s technology and the Zoom meeting while you are teaching. The TA can monitor the chat, manage breakout rooms, polls, and other Zoom features.
  • Switch between in-class and remote students. If you have discussions, or ask questions, provide consistent opportunities for students in each group to contribute.
  • Work out a system with your TA. Determine how you would like your TA to alert you to things going with the remote students such as questions, difficulty hearing or seeing something in the classroom, and so forth.

If necessary, you and your TA can participate in training on the new TEC Room installations as well as Zoom.